We offer you the pearls of the Eastern Mecsek mountain: Mecseknádasd, Óbánya and Ófalu that are situated in the landscape protection area of the Eastern Mecsek mountain. 80% of the population has preserved its German traditions. You can have a quiet yet active holiday. The brooks running through the deep forests make the air very clean. Several flowers and other plants can be found here which are under nature protection. You can collect chestnuts, mushrooms and huckleberries in the forests in autumn and you can hunt for deer and boar. Our local exhibitions and historic sites are the following: Saint Stephen Chapel, ruins of a Turkish castle on the hill Schlossberg, the Réka castle where Saint Margaret of Scotland was born, a baroque castle and chapel of the bishop with a statue of the composer Ferenc Liszt. If you go hiking, you can visit Püspökszentlászló, Kisújbánya, Pusztabánya, the Máré castle, the top of the Mecsek mountain called Zengő (682 m), the lookout tower on the Cigányhegy (Gipsy hill), the slanting waterfall, the dropping rock. If you are interested in crafts you can watch the craftsmen working and you can try the work yourself. You can buy the products of potters, wood carvers, turners, stone carvers, ropemakers and cane workers. The German immigrants brought the secrets of tasty wine: the knowledge of wine growing. This tradition is still preserved. The wine competition taking place every year with wine- tastings and parties attracts a lot of visitors. There are rows of cellars on the hills that guarantee you excitement and fun. You can go hiking and cycling on the tourist routes. You can go fishing in our trout lake. Football, handball and basketball championships and training camps can be organised in our sports hall. You can find interesting programmes for every generation inour MULTICENTER where you can use the Internet. The tourist sites of Pécs, Mohács, Szigetvár, Siklós, Villány, Harkány, Pécsvárad and Zengővárkony are not far away. We have several grocery shops and restaurants with local dishes and life music in summer. We are looking forward to have you as a guest.