The village with a population of 2000 is situated 26 km away from Pécs, along the highway, in the valleys of the Mecsek mountain. The inhabitants, who are Hungarian Germans, protect and respect their traditions, their dialect, crafts and dances. The traditions and hard work are shown by the clean houses and yards and by the programmes. The craftsmen, like potters, stone carvers, coopers, architects, the wine growers and their tasty wine are all proofs of hard work and respect of tradition. Being together is very important not only on the level of the family, but on the level of the village, too. Guests are welcome to take part at grape harvests, at pig stickings, at different works in the vineyards and at feasts. Tourists find several historic sites here. The Saint Stephen Chapel from the 12th century used to be the centre of the village. Today's village centre is the baroque church founded by bishop Klimó at the end of the 18th century. He had a holiday home and a chapel built, too. Saint Margaret of Scotland was born in the so called Réka castle There is another ruin of a castle from the time of the occupation of the Turks. This castle stands on the Schlossberg hill. Other smaller baroque chapels, old mills, the workshops of craftsmen and the streets of cellars are worth a visit.
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