Óbánya, called the "Hungarian Switzerland" has long been a popular holiday resort. The village is situated in the valley of the Eastern Mecsek mountain, surrounded by beautiful forests. The inhabitants are Hungarian Germans. One of the nicest hiking routes of the Mecsek runs leans in the forest along a brook with several waterfalls, and a so called dropping rock. There is a ski track at the end of the village and there is a catholic church from the Middle Ages in the centre of Óbánya. Most of the buildings are old, traditional peasant houses. Óbánya was the first village that received the Kós Károly Award in 1992. In the house with porch at 70 Fő Street there is an exhibition of local history of pottery, clothes and different objects in every day use. There are still some potters in the village who use traditional and modern patterns in their works. The products are made by traditional methods in the workshops of Teimel József and István Keszler. Tourists can choose between different types of accommodation in Óbánya: an inn, a camping site, a youth hotels, several private houses.